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15:29 28-10-2011
hr. Jensen
15:08 28-10-2011
Just read about you on Pinterest... I have to admit, you are so cool. As an artist, and an art education major, I always look for things that inspire and challenge people (especially older people) to be curious and to explore like children. If you ever come to Jupiter, FL or West Palm Beach, FL... I will surely visit you... and maybe even I will start something of my own to inspire curiosity.
15:04 28-10-2011
Hope to see you as soon as the police let you out of "protective custody". =)
14:03 28-10-2011
Dear Leo, please visit the island Borkum in Germany. Borkum it in the northsea near the Nederlands
11:38 28-10-2011
Dear Ego,

come and visit for one week our nice, but very small country named Luxembourg; in the middle of Europe. We have here a lot of fabulous places to check out and some nice castles to visit, and...and...and. Luxembourg's small, but wow! :-) bye, bye
09:25 28-10-2011
Professor Tiki
What does "No real than you are" mean in a real language?
08:42 28-10-2011
dear ego

please visit rinteln in germany it´sa great little village. weve many horses here and a river is calling weser. i hope you´ll come here.
my name is phillip and i´m 8 jears old. i would be so happy if you come here.
08:41 28-10-2011
Come and visit Hörnum/sylt ind Germany, its so beautiful here!
04:45 28-10-2011
Hello Ego, come visit us in Halifax, Canada. You will love our foggy coasts and real people. You could have a nice life here being by the sea.
04:18 28-10-2011
Matt Swearengin
Ego Leonard, as free as ever, always smiling and can go any where. I need to talk to him and find out how he does this! Ego is inspirational to me. Everything that glitters is not gold, but Ego's complection is ever so bright and beautiful!
04:14 28-10-2011
Heard about your story! come visit me soon!
04:03 28-10-2011
The Tampa Bay Times has a story about you today! Being from the Netherlands it's great fun to read about you, here in Florida. Have fun, veel plezier en beleef vooral mooie avonturen. Big hug!
03:23 28-10-2011
Angela S.
I'm in the Sarasota, FL area and love that we now have #8 as a visitor! My son is a huge lego fan and having a giant, mysterious lego man appear from the gulf of mexico has been quite a treat! Much love to the creator of Ego!
03:18 28-10-2011
Amanda F.
I live in Sarasota, and #8 is here!!! This has been so exciting for our town! Thank you so much for the oppurtunity to let us have him!!! I know the city of Sarasota will love him forever!!!!
01:47 28-10-2011
#8 has washed ashore in my town. We are happy to have him, but apparently the Sheriff's department though he had passed out on the beach, so they arrested him. We have a Facebook campaign to get him freed, and you can join here: Free Lego Man There are lots of groups who would love to host him around town so that he may see the sights. Thank you for allowing him to visit us, and I apologize for our momentary lack of hospitality. Much Love.
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