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07:13 02-11-2011
Kenneth Z
Too bad you're in custody. Hope you are bailed out by the right people.
19:58 01-11-2011
Pon un Lego en la playa de Fukushima si tienes cojones.
19:55 01-11-2011
Put a Lego at the beach of Fukushima if you have balls.
19:31 01-11-2011
hello again you could dress the Lego "Cristobal Colon" please?
19:28 01-11-2011
Hello Ego Leonard could put one of those giant Legos on the beach of "Punta del Sebo" in Huelva (Spain) next to the statue of "Cristobal Colon" near "Palos de la Frontera" please.
16:21 01-11-2011
What's more common for visiting america than ending up in jail?

Hopefully the won't really sell you on eBay, that would be cruel...
15:26 01-11-2011
Please Come to Germany (Bayer,Schweinfurt)
01:20 01-11-2011
I'm very sorry they put you in jail. That's not a good way to be greeted by America. Even worse the guy who found you is planning to sell you on EBay. If he gives the money to charity that would be appropriate. If he keeps it, that would be bad.
22:19 31-10-2011
Hello Ego !!Please Come to Germany ( Cuxhaven ) its a Beautyfull Place with a Great Beach!!!!
17:49 31-10-2011
Berto H
ego, come to come to california ! nough said.
16:38 31-10-2011
Owen Q
Ego, I like your style. If you ever make it down the St. Lawrence give me a shout.
- Owen
14:25 31-10-2011
Zachary Costa
Dear Ego,
I have always been a great admirer of your people. They always seem happy, even if they are dismembered. The way the connect with each other and their world is truly remarkable and a model to all of us. When are you going to visit my home in the Hudson Valley? I hope you sail over soon, there's a lot to do here. We have a Culinary Institute, a mysterious castle on an island (called Bannerman's after the owner of the castle, I think you would have liked to have met him), mountains, historic sights, and of course the grand Hudson. Hope you wash in with the tide someday soon.
Zachary Costa
13:01 31-10-2011
I am 6. Did you have a great time sailing to Florida to another ocean? Did you have a great time? I wish I could meet you!! And where did you come from??
12:32 31-10-2011
Here on this planet we are working on God's Plan. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all that inhabit this world. Come to church with me and learn more.
06:58 31-10-2011
so it it have been cavity searched by a Florida sheriff, but at least the sharks and gators didn't eat you. Looks like you'll be auctioned off to the highest bidder interested in random s**t on Ebay. I know you are not a Japanese robot because if you were, you could talk, walk, and vacuum the floor...go eat some Chik-fil-a
Berichten: 76 t/m 90 van de 507.
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