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14:54 19-05-2014
hi ego leonard,

zou je cultfest dit jaar aan willen doen? thema is EGO!


hartelijke groet, jet
17:09 20-03-2013
You've become one of the very few to intrigue my curious and adventurous mind. Stop by Hamilton, Ontario ... Ill show you a side of this city no one knew existed.
03:05 27-01-2013
Greetings! I'm pretty new to following your journey, but Ithink it would be awesome if you did a Canadian tour. It's an incredibly diverse and captivating place with some of the best natural landmarks in the northern hemisphere. We also have a wonderfully clashing and dysfunctional society that despite being so odd, manages to get along pretty well. It's a breathtaking country with an extremely weird national consciousness... I think you'd like it up here.
00:08 25-11-2012
i heard about you from my history teacher...... i think you are so cool. I think it would be fun if you came to provo utah because there is really exciting things here, but it seems that you would be one of the most exciting things. my question is what does no real than you mean?
22:10 11-07-2012
Hello ego, I see you on the website: Lots of fun in Los Angeles!!!!
12:13 20-06-2012
Hi Mr. Ego Leonard!

I remember reading about you awhile ago and decided to come to your website. I think that if you're still in the USA, you should travel up north to Minnesota. We have tons of beautiful lakes (over 10,000 in fact!) and we're home to tons of wildlife. If you're feeling really adventurous, begin in Itasca State Park (the beginning of the Mississippi River) and take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico. It'll probably take awhile, but you'll end up visiting quite a few places!

Best of luck wherever your journey make take you!

04:35 19-06-2012
hello mr. ego
were is your family and were are you today
00:49 09-05-2012
Love you so much x
21:41 20-01-2012
Bradley Lokietek
Dear Mr.Ego Leonard,

I hope you enjoy your stay here in Florida.Go and visit Winter the Dolphin, the dolphin that lost her tail in a crab trap.Or visit Disney World in Orlando.Visit Jacksonville, Florida.Florida has many exciting places.So go and explore all Florida has to offer.

Bradley Lokietek
18:34 18-01-2012
It's nice that you travel around the world. It's always good to see new things. I'm originally from Germany, but living in the USA right now.
16:25 29-12-2011
mr mac
Hey Mr. Ego.

I read you washed ashore in FL and surprised many. I love your entrance and your style. i carry a photo from that article because it makes me smile. im sure your presence has a way of doing that too. well travel safely!
17:00 25-12-2011
Anthony bär
I am unfortunately moved and miss my friends very much, we no longer have much contact. And we live it Großenkneten Deutschland.Mich it would be very happy if they have a great and beautiful city in Germany would visit. I called Berlin itself was often there and find the great city. I want my friends with the words "friends live forever in your hearts" grüßen.Es would be great if they would write it in German so "Freunde leben immer in euren Herzen".
I would be happy if you come!!!
16:06 27-11-2011
hey Mr. Ego!
how was the journey to florida?
keep travelling and come see us in Greece, someday!
"no real than you are"
15:29 27-11-2011
Hello Mr. Ego!
In these rough times we're living in Lego is one of my efforts to keep a smile in my face..

I hope that you'll appear to one of Greece's beautiful beaches too..

Almost forgot to ask: are those great T-shirts available for sale to Greece too? I'm not sure I saw a country gap to fill on the ordering form.

Looking forward to your replying.

All the best from (suffering..) Greece

George Patsanis
01:20 27-11-2011
Hello Mr. Ego ! How are you doing today?

We are trying to get into your world and now you came into ours!
Maybe we are doing something wrong. But for sure you are here to send us a message "To stay in the REAL world, OUR world."
The digital one is for you. I see all the 7 years old children stuck to technology that we wouldn't even imagine when we were at their age.

When i first met the lego world i believed i could make everything possible as long as i had enough lego bricks! Every idea that was coming in my mind was about to become real through the lego toys. Farms, Buildings, Warzones, Castles became true.
Now we are trying to reverse this thing. We are going from the real to the "unreal". By the way, be carefull not to get lost in the seas ! Sharks here are real , not from plastic!

I still have a tiny version of you, or of a friend of yours, in a box in my drawers, Even though i am 20 years old .
Travel safe, Dimitris , Greece
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