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08:09 18-01-2017
hi ego leonaro can you come to bhutan so peaceful
19:16 06-01-2017
can you come to Scarborough the park on the weekend
19:01 03-01-2017
He ego kom snel in suriname
16:09 31-12-2016
Come to goargia please
03:00 31-12-2016
He ego com to suriname i waiting for you
I from sout America
14:42 28-12-2016
Hello, Can you please come to israel
22:57 24-12-2016
Hello Ego Leonard. I am a big fan of yours, and I would love you to stop by the beautiful beach of Coney Island. Please, we have a lot to show off
19:47 03-12-2016
Victor Arostica
hi ego come to miami I will be waiting
14:27 12-11-2016
Hello, Ego! You should come visit me in Lithuania! Let's be friends.
20:37 09-11-2016
Hi ego you should come visit me in romania i. Waiting for u my friend!!
17:51 04-11-2016
Hi, Ego! You should come visit me sometime in the USA! We don't have any ocean here, so maybe take a bus I hope you have a great time in our world!
08:39 22-10-2016
hallo ego kom je weer naar nederland? wie is jou beste vriend? ken jij bill?
00:45 03-10-2016
hi when are you gonna visit lynn?
20:34 26-09-2016
hello ego leonard if you are reading this then please respond i was on youtube today and i was watching a channel called bills channel and i found this video and the video was called giant lego man washes up on shore so i was a little curious about the title so i started watching the video and it said you were an art project and i just wanta know if your real
17:22 11-09-2016
Cayden Bowers
Good Morning Ego. Just saw you on the internet. I would like to know more about you. I'm a huge fan of legos. I would love to hear back from you.
Berichten: 16 t/m 30 van de 507.
Aantal pagina's: 34
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