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08:50 04-11-2011
Please visit us in Germany! I am from Rostock, this is near baltic sea and we would be very proud to see you there!
05:43 04-11-2011
You've asked to see the world through others eyes yet you don't yourself. Ego, you have appeared in my state. I want to see your creation in Sarasota. I want to talk to you, I know this is what you did. I think we should talk to each other, I want to first see what is in your eyes. If you're wondering so much about my world. Then, I'll tell you.

My world is not this one, Earth has rendered useless to me. I wish to know what ponders in others minds. The only beauty I know that you can find lies within the past of each human. But, trying hard to figure out one's past can show you the real story.

The beautiful things that are there to admire will always be different for each person. I for one, think the ocean is beautiful and full of secrets. I strongly admire the beauty of the Ocean. The air, the snow, the sky the nature. The Berlin Wall, I admire it. People from one side struggled to save another now you don't see that. The Colosseum people fought and proved that they were worthy. Now, you don't see that. The respect for the dead, doesn't exist. Respect for the animals stopped existing. Ego, there are many things that stopped being beautiful and many things that continued. People knew love back then and now it stopped existing.

My experience is a long painful story. With happy parts and sad parts. But, the world is like that, is it not? My story is public, because a story is what makes us, who we are. Even if you're young or old you've experienced things and the things you experienced you have to learn from. I believe that I do not have as much experience as you, the experience I want would have to come from my name being marked. The experience I have suffered so far is merely anything. Ego, if you truly want me to share your story. Show me that you are interested and I will take you on journey through more than just a beautiful meadow, words, sounds and even gestures. Thank you, Ego.
20:16 03-11-2011
All you people complaining and bashing America, just stop. Obviously, Ego Leonard has no problem with America, so I don't see why you should, either.

You say, "Oh, you go to America, and you end up in jail!" Better than some of your countries, where you would just end up shot, and left on the side of the road dead.

If America is SO bad, why are so many people doing everything in their power to come here? People come here ILLEGALLY all the time, so obviously we're better than a lot of other places. People put themselves into lotteries the world over to be one of the chosen few that can come here. If it was so bad, why would people do that?

You're jealous. Jealous of what America is, what America has, and what America stands for. And the only way you know of to get over that is to bash that which you want to be.
04:23 03-11-2011
Couldn't of picked a better beach in the USA. You don't need pictures if you already seen it. Pity you showed up at sunrise though, Siesta Sunsets are some of my favorite memories in 32 years of life!
04:13 03-11-2011
Nyu Moon
first at all: forgive my bad English, i'm spanish and here the education is going wrong. I was reading what people sais to you. Everybody wants you, just for fun, the only thing they said to you is "hey! come here! come with me!!" and, to hide their egoism, they add "sorry! you are in jail!". Poor piece of lego, you came to this world with purpose and nobody ear it.
here are a few things to admire. most people are empty, but i look for pleasure in other ways. art is the most beautifull thing in the world, i love poetry and drawing, dancing is the happiest thing i know. I am fascinated by contemplate people, I love to study their behavior, what they move to act... here a think we have in common. luckily traveling and studing humans, they're sometimes more strange than they seems and other times surprisingly stupids. a hug from spain.
13:07 02-11-2011
South Africa is so much warmer, just be careful of the Sharks. Loads of plastic persons here, just check out juju, they are no more real than you!! Be safe and enjoy your trip!!
13:05 02-11-2011
South Africa is so much warmer, just becareful of the Sharks. Loads of plastic persons here, just check out our, they are no more real than you!! Be safe and enjoy your trip!!
07:15 02-11-2011
Kenneth Z
You should have come to Canada, we're more welcoming than America.
07:13 02-11-2011
Kenneth Z
Too bad you're in custody. Hope you are bailed out by the right people.
19:58 01-11-2011
Pon un Lego en la playa de Fukushima si tienes cojones.
19:55 01-11-2011
Put a Lego at the beach of Fukushima if you have balls.
19:31 01-11-2011
hello again you could dress the Lego "Cristobal Colon" please?
19:28 01-11-2011
Hello Ego Leonard could put one of those giant Legos on the beach of "Punta del Sebo" in Huelva (Spain) next to the statue of "Cristobal Colon" near "Palos de la Frontera" please.
16:21 01-11-2011
What's more common for visiting america than ending up in jail?

Hopefully the won't really sell you on eBay, that would be cruel...
15:26 01-11-2011
Please Come to Germany (Bayer,Schweinfurt)
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