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11:01 06-09-2016
Hi ego leonard where are you now (please answer)
05:54 06-09-2016
hi ego lenord if i knew when you would come to weyburn if you wash up theres a place called nickel lake you can camp swim fish and when your done come to weybun also you should know im a huge fan of lego that would be great and also a memory and mirecal
12:43 03-09-2016
use the translate than for this Alexander

denk jij dat ik geen kind ben ja ben ik wel
23:40 03-02-2016
hello everyone reading this, stay true.
Ego, i think this quest you are pursuing is amazing and i'm sending oceans of good vibes your way man. <3
01:00 28-12-2015
Happy new year from sweden
03:40 10-12-2015
Hallo "Ego Leonard whats your name

PS: Ik ben echt Engels met behulp van een vertaler.

PPS: Ik ben een kind
20:57 06-02-2015
Marko Gagic
My name is Marko Gagic, I am 17 years old and live in BC Canada. I come from Serbian Descent and lately, I have been questioning my life. I am about to graduate Highschool and I plan to go into broadcasting. I don't know who to trust anymore, and why greed grips the world. I fear that when I grow older I will become just as greedy as any other person living in North America. I desperately want to be free, and with nature, but I am addicted to my computer, addicted to technology, addicted with sloth. I just wanted to...tell this to somebody. I am sorry if I appear to be bothersome to you, just ignore what I have wrote, and move on to more important manners.
02:33 18-12-2014
Ulysses Delgado
Hello ego! i just recently herd about your amazing was of visiting the world! as you might have already read, my name is Ulysses! i am 14 and live in Arizona, sadly there is no beach here but if you can like mail your self to Arizona, i would gladly like to meet you and show you around town!
14:54 19-05-2014
hi ego leonard,

zou je cultfest dit jaar aan willen doen? thema is EGO!


hartelijke groet, jet
17:09 20-03-2013
You've become one of the very few to intrigue my curious and adventurous mind. Stop by Hamilton, Ontario ... Ill show you a side of this city no one knew existed.
03:05 27-01-2013
Greetings! I'm pretty new to following your journey, but Ithink it would be awesome if you did a Canadian tour. It's an incredibly diverse and captivating place with some of the best natural landmarks in the northern hemisphere. We also have a wonderfully clashing and dysfunctional society that despite being so odd, manages to get along pretty well. It's a breathtaking country with an extremely weird national consciousness... I think you'd like it up here.
00:08 25-11-2012
i heard about you from my history teacher...... i think you are so cool. I think it would be fun if you came to provo utah because there is really exciting things here, but it seems that you would be one of the most exciting things. my question is what does no real than you mean?
22:10 11-07-2012
Hello ego, I see you on the website: Lots of fun in Los Angeles!!!!
12:13 20-06-2012
Hi Mr. Ego Leonard!

I remember reading about you awhile ago and decided to come to your website. I think that if you're still in the USA, you should travel up north to Minnesota. We have tons of beautiful lakes (over 10,000 in fact!) and we're home to tons of wildlife. If you're feeling really adventurous, begin in Itasca State Park (the beginning of the Mississippi River) and take a trip to the Gulf of Mexico. It'll probably take awhile, but you'll end up visiting quite a few places!

Best of luck wherever your journey make take you!

04:35 19-06-2012
hello mr. ego
were is your family and were are you today
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