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00:45 03-10-2016
hi when are you gonna visit lynn?
20:34 26-09-2016
hello ego leonard if you are reading this then please respond i was on youtube today and i was watching a channel called bills channel and i found this video and the video was called giant lego man washes up on shore so i was a little curious about the title so i started watching the video and it said you were an art project and i just wanta know if your real
17:22 11-09-2016
Cayden Bowers
Good Morning Ego. Just saw you on the internet. I would like to know more about you. I'm a huge fan of legos. I would love to hear back from you.
16:51 11-09-2016
Ashton muncaster
Can I buy a version of you if yes how much? I love Lego so this would be amazing if I can
22:00 10-09-2016
hello Ego Leonard,
nice to meet you, Mr. Leonard I hope you can come to me someday. you seem like a jolly good person to meet.

From, Andrew
03:53 10-09-2016
John Paul D'Andrea
Hello Ego i love your art work such amazing plz reply to this email! also subscribe to my youtube channel
21:50 08-09-2016
Kanoa Wolfrum
My 7 year old son Kanoa wants to send you mail and receive a letter back. Thanks!
22:47 06-09-2016
Hi Ego leonard, i love your art. one day i would like to learn how to make awesome art pieces like yours.
P.S (Greetings From South America)
11:29 06-09-2016
Hi ego, can you show me picture of your worlds
11:13 06-09-2016
Hi nice to meet you ego
11:01 06-09-2016
Hi ego leonard where are you now (please answer)
05:54 06-09-2016
hi ego lenord if i knew when you would come to weyburn if you wash up theres a place called nickel lake you can camp swim fish and when your done come to weybun also you should know im a huge fan of lego that would be great and also a memory and mirecal
12:43 03-09-2016
use the translate than for this Alexander

denk jij dat ik geen kind ben ja ben ik wel
23:40 03-02-2016
hello everyone reading this, stay true.
Ego, i think this quest you are pursuing is amazing and i'm sending oceans of good vibes your way man. <3
01:00 28-12-2015
Happy new year from sweden
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