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13:47 07-08-2017
Praise and Sam
Hi Ego, We really would like to see you in Butlins Glasgow today in Scotland, UK! We have lots of ocean in our world, so if you get wet, don't worry! I will show you a place called LEGOLAND, a place you can play!!!
21:03 25-07-2017
hey ego leonard, can you come over to san diego, california? thanks
10:10 06-06-2017
Louis Dela Cruz
Hi Ego Leonard was just wandering if you could visit Philippines it would really be nice.
08:09 18-01-2017
hi ego leonaro can you come to bhutan so peaceful
19:16 06-01-2017
can you come to Scarborough the park on the weekend
19:01 03-01-2017
He ego kom snel in suriname
16:09 31-12-2016
Come to goargia please
03:00 31-12-2016
He ego com to suriname i waiting for you
I from sout America
14:42 28-12-2016
Hello, Can you please come to israel
22:57 24-12-2016
Hello Ego Leonard. I am a big fan of yours, and I would love you to stop by the beautiful beach of Coney Island. Please, we have a lot to show off
19:47 03-12-2016
Victor Arostica
hi ego come to miami I will be waiting
14:27 12-11-2016
Hello, Ego! You should come visit me in Lithuania! Let's be friends.
20:37 09-11-2016
Hi ego you should come visit me in romania i. Waiting for u my friend!!
17:51 04-11-2016
Hi, Ego! You should come visit me sometime in the USA! We don't have any ocean here, so maybe take a bus I hope you have a great time in our world!
08:39 22-10-2016
hallo ego kom je weer naar nederland? wie is jou beste vriend? ken jij bill?
Berichten: 16 t/m 30 van de 510.
Aantal pagina's: 34
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