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23:53 27-10-2011

I think, you can have a nice and great look over a nice sea-area in Dortmund-Hoerde in eatern Ruhr-Ruhr-Region.

I think, you'll be alloewed to swin in the sea. For humans and dog it's not allowed. You can place a sign, to allow dog swiming in the water.

Yours Jacky, Fraggle and Shally ;-)
23:25 27-10-2011
I LOVE the concept! genius!
23:06 27-10-2011
hoi, kom Borken Burlo, hebben we de Klostersee en een mooie kleine nederzetting ringen rond. Hier is de Lego man feel good, So Good reizen
23:05 27-10-2011
Almere is a new big city in The Netherlands, wher You would recognise a lot of things and really feel at home, dear Legoman.
22:25 27-10-2011
Dear ego Leonard! Please visit Münster in Germany, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Münster is famous for its many bicycles and its beautiful lake "Aasee". this would be a great place to arrive in Germany.
22:04 27-10-2011
Peter F
You are welcome to visit Berlin ! There is even a huge Museum with many of your friends ... like e.g.

Looking forward seeing you here ...

21:47 27-10-2011
Carl Janik
Hi Ego - pleeeeeease come to Hamburg, Germany. I promise, I will show you hundreds of little friends - just like you - of course a lot smaller. Baby-Egos.... All the best - hope to see you soon - Carl
21:21 27-10-2011
Ik heb een probleem. Ik ben de weg veloren. Ik weet niet waar mijn huis is. Wat doe ik in Sarasota? Ben ik op vakantie? Ben ik op zaken reis? Hoe kom ik terecht waar ik hoord? Waar moet ik?
Ik ga naar de Luchthaven en Ik wach op en vlucht, maar ik weet niet waar?
21:10 27-10-2011
SRQ Airport
Welcome to Sarasota, Florida Ego Leonard! It was no coincidence that you landed on the #1 Beach in the USA, Siesta Key Beach! Our beautiful area offers white-sugar sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, exciting attractions and a World-Class International Airport. We hope that you enjoy your time in our fantastic city and when you're ready to travel home, make sure to book a flight out of SRQ!
20:48 27-10-2011
Jesse Sangster
hou van de lego man! dank je: D
Jesse uit Colorado USA
20:48 27-10-2011
Hello, Ego! Welcome to the states! I wish you could come inland, like to Las Vegas, Nevada! I would love to be able to meet you in person. I'm not sure how you'd get here if you only swim though. Maybe if you visit the Grand Canyon I'll come visit you!

Love from Nevada,

20:47 27-10-2011
Vocalized Bus
Can you help me escape my reality?
20:37 27-10-2011
blinduser 2
You can leave ur shoes at the border of Alabama and it will be just like jail cause for some reason u cant leave till u find ur shoes so if someone carries them off ur just stuck here..... ps you can stay with my 42 cousins if they raise up the roof 2 ft higher
20:36 27-10-2011
Please come to Hamburg in Germany. The beach of the Elbe is waiting for you!!! Looking 4ward 2 meeting u!
20:28 27-10-2011
Hi Ego! Welcome to the USA! If they let you out, I'm having dinner at my house on Thanksgiving for anyone who doesn't have family to go be with. Thanksgiving is one of our best holidays because it's centered on family, fun, love and FOOD Nothing commercial about it. My family is kind of "fractured" so I have sort of a misfit family dinner. I live in Lancaster, Ohio. Please come if you have no other plans.
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