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10:41 19-07-2018
hi EGO ! how is it going?can you please come at velipoja,viluni beach?in 1 august ? please i need to meet you .....plese come to swim together.. i hope i see you there
10:12 19-07-2018
hi my love. can you please come at velipoja,viluni beach?in 1 august ? please come . i want to meet you there. with my friend arens he also emailed you . we are waiting for you my giant lego.. i hope we see you there . see you there!
12:48 18-07-2018
Hello my dear. please can you land at 1st aug 2018 at albana,velipoja,viluni beach..... plsss sent me a reply in my email... hope i see you there
06:53 16-07-2018
Are you still Real? May you visit the Puget Sound, USA. Inspiration a beautiful dream. Thank you!
21:37 07-06-2018
Blue Vera
Hey Ego, Iv'e recently heard about you washing up on the shores of many beaches everywhere! It would be awesome if you came to New York because I'm sure everyone (Me included) would love to see you wash up on a beach again!
12:23 26-05-2018
Jayden Beh
Hi Ego, please come to Penang,Malaysia. But please come shunken down along with your friends (from your world) so i can fit you in my school bag. I promise we'll be great frends Oh and tell your frends to come to Penang oceans eveywhere.
05:03 26-03-2018
Love the Art, but I have some constructive criticism. First of all, I would rather die than let go of my virtual coping mechanisms. Secondly, Your big lego men are frightening to find on the beach at night. That is a bit of a nightmare. Love the idea tho, keep up the good work! I love you!
09:59 03-03-2018
Your art is amazing
20:01 24-02-2018
OMG: I can’t (yawn) believe I’m (yawn) talking to a giant LEGO person
19:57 24-02-2018
hi how big are you
00:43 20-02-2018
hey ego i would like you land in colombia
21:10 09-12-2017
My name is josiah come to lakeworth beach please ego Leonard lol super cool lego
13:47 07-08-2017
Praise and Sam
Hi Ego, We really would like to see you in Butlins Glasgow today in Scotland, UK! We have lots of ocean in our world, so if you get wet, don't worry! I will show you a place called LEGOLAND, a place you can play!!!
21:03 25-07-2017
hey ego leonard, can you come over to san diego, california? thanks
10:10 06-06-2017
Louis Dela Cruz
Hi Ego Leonard was just wandering if you could visit Philippines it would really be nice.
Berichten: 1 t/m 15 van de 507.
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